Final GSoC report

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This is my final report :) the GSoC was great, I learned a lot about the Hurd and Mach programming in general. I am also very pleased to announce that I reached my initial goal and almost all of my patches already made it upstream and into Debian :)

I spent my last week fixing issues I introduced and splitting up /hurd/init into two programs. This would make it possible to integrate the patch that frees PID 1 for sysvinit into the Hurd upstream sources. I didn't quite finish the separation, but my proof of concept works and I will finish this as my next Hurd project.

Looking back at the last fourteen weeks, I accomplished the following:

I implemented /proc/mounts, umount, freed up PID 1 for sysvinit, fixed ifupdown, sysvinit and initscripts on Hurd, implemented a proof-of-concept cgroupfs and fixed many small issues along the way. Almost all of my patches are already upstream and in Debian, a Debian/Hurd booting using sysvinit is just a few uploads away.

It has been a lot of fun and I will definitively see you around :)


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